Abdullah Freres (Studio)

Abdullah Frères, three Ottoman Armenian brothers Vichen (1820–1902), Hovsep (1830–1908) and Kevork Abdullah (1839–1918) who ran a profitable studio in Constantinople with other locations in Cairo Continue reading

Alban, Aram

Among the many Armenian photographers who worked in Egypt between 1880s and 1950s, the role of Aram Alban is of particular significance. He was a man who had an unusual and complex fate. Continue reading

Alban, Shake

After his return to Egypt soon after WWII, the noted photographer Aram Alban hired a young woman named Shake to help him run the operations of the Alban studio in Cairo. Very quickly Shake became Alban’s right-hand person and would … Continue reading

Albertov, Vahan

No biographical details were located. The photographer’s studio was located in Tiflis, Georgia, at the turn of the 20th century.

Alinari (Studio)

Allen, Charles Smith

Charles Smith Allen was a pioneer photographer in Wales, renowned as the finest of Tenby’s early camera artists. Born in Rugeley, Staffordshire, in 1831, a few surviving paper negatives show that he was recording Tenby in silver towards the end … Continue reading