The Armenian Photography Foundation project “Lusadaran” was conceptualized jointly by Vigen Galstyan and Art Ghazaryan with a shared vision for preserving and advancing the Armenian photographic arts tradition. The collection of “Hayasa Cultural Organisation” formed the initial basis for jump-starting the project’s collection.

The ongoing focus of the project is to research, collect, preserve and promote the works by the Armenian photographers from around the world. The study of shared history and trends in international photography underpins this process in our endeavour to present and define Armenian photography within the cross-cultural, global context. In an effort to address the vacuum for definitive information, historical and contemporary, the project will showcase the history of the Armenian photography both locally and in internationally through exhibits, research and publications. In close collaboration with partner institutions, the project aims to champion the work of contemporary practitioners through workshops, lectures and acquisition programs. Our first annual thematic exhibition is one such initiative. The ‘Projects‘ section of this website provides further information on our ongoing programs. Our long-term objectives involve development of a permanent exhibition and provision of archival facility as well as an expansion of our collection to encompass new media, experimental filmmaking and a web-based art.

We welcome collaboration with interested individuals and organizations who share our vision and project ethos in supporting this worthwhile initiative. To contact us please use the form below.

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