Norair Chahinian’s ‘Power of Emptiness’ at ACCEA, Yerevan

April 1, 2016
The photographs taken in Turkey by Sao Paulo (Brazil) born photographer Norair Chahinian strike viewers in a number of different ways. First through their witnessing of life in various regions of Anatolia ‘from the outside’, by someone who has come all the way from across the world, thousands of kilometers afar. But more importantly, through their depiction ‘from within’ Continue reading →


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…one of our recent acquisitions is a particularly delightful example of a 19thcentury photographic ‘whodunit’. It is a traditional cabinet portrait from the turn of the 20th century, probably made between 1895 and 1905. Continue reading →

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Gagik Harutyunyan’s retrsopective ‘Shadows of Time’

Despite an exceptional career that spans three decades, numerous exhibitions and countless reproductions in his native country, Harutyunyan’s work has been largely forgotten today. Partially due to indifference from official and critical establishments in Armenia towards photography, Harutyunyan stopped his practice in early 2000s, Continue reading →

Samvel Saghatelyan’s ‘Transromance’: An exhibition-happening

Transromance, a series of twelve mixed-media photocollages by LA-based Armenian artist Samvel Saghatelyan, was exhibited as a one day performance-event, which took place at the private apartment in Yerevan, Armenia on September 12, 2013. The show was organised with the assistance of ‘Lusadaran’ Armenian Photography Foundation.
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