Shadows of Time: the photographic art of Gagik Harutyunyan, 1970-1995

Soviet photography remains one of the least known and explored legacies in the history of the medium. Helping to address this lack, ‘Shadows of Time’ presents the first retrospective of Gagik Harutyunyan, one of the major Soviet photographers of 1970d-90s. … Continue reading

‘Trouble in Paradise: photography and constructions of femininity

This exhibition looks at the current perceptions of femininity in contemporary Armenian photography, represented here by the works of Svetlana Antonyan (Oceana), Anush Babajanyan, Anna Davtyan,Vehanush Topchyan, Nvard Yerkanian and Nazik Armenakyan. These are accompanied byexamples of 19th and 20th … Continue reading

Samvel Saghatelyan’s ‘Transromance’

A BUTTERFLY DREAM Can porn be innocent? Or sexual desire in general? And why do perverts dream of flowers? These are some of the questions that one encounters in Samvel Saghatelyan’s 2010-13 series Transromance. Each of the eleven mixed media … Continue reading

Conflicted visions: Gabriel Lekegian and the Oriental imagination

Upcoming exhibition project, 2017 Tracing the life and work of the enigmatic Egyptian-Armenian photographer Gabriel Lekegian, ‘Conflicted Visions’ is an attempt to re-evaluated his place within the annals of late 19th century Middle Eastern and ‘Orientalist’ photography. Although ‘Photographie Artistique … Continue reading

Industrial Symphony: photography and the post-industrial age

Industrial Symphony: photography and the post-industrial age is a project curated by Vigen Galstyan and jointly conceived by Lusadaran Armenian Photography Foundation, ReArk Architectural Environmental Centre and web portal.