Beato, Felice

Béchard, Henri

Henri Béchard opened his studio in the garden of Ezbekia in Cairo. His work is widely known through the large number of prints in existence. These images are mostly of sites and landscapes another important aspect of his work, his … Continue reading

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Bonfils, Félix

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Borakchiev, S. A.

A provincial photographer of possibly Armenian background, Borakchiev had a studio in the Armenian-populated town of Akhaltskha, located in the southeast of modern Georgia. No biographical information on the photographer has come to light and only a few examples of … Continue reading

Boyadjian Freres

Two Armenian brothers – possibly migrants from Western Armenia. Established a studio in Shumen, Bulgaria. One of the brothers is Arshak Boyadjian and each seemed to have a separate studio in later years. They are one of the earliest proponents … Continue reading

Boyadjian, B. M.

Armenian photographer based in Shumen, Bulgaria. No biographical details have been located thus far.