Baghdasarian, G.

Balyan, Aram (Studio Venus)

Aram Balyan was the proprietor and main photographer of the Studio Venus, on the ‘Asian’ side of Istanbul in the district of Kadıköy. His studio was in operation throughout the 1890s and possibly beyond.

Barkanov, V. (Vladimir?)

Vladimir (?) Barkanov (or Barkanoff – in French transliteration), had one of the very first photo-ateliers in Tiflis, which was in operation by 1865. Despite the fact that Barkanov is included in Vahan Kochar’s encyclopaedic book ‘Armenian photographers’ (Yerevan, 2009), … Continue reading

Barraud, Herbert-Rose

Barseghyan, Hayk

Baum, Manfred

Not many biographical details regarding Baum have surfaced thus far. Based in East Germany, Baum appears to have started working in the early 1950s as a photo-journalist. A number of his assignments to communist countries such as Vietnam and China … Continue reading