Pferschy, Othmar

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Pimenides, L.

No biographical details have surfaced regarding this photographer. Pimenides most likely worked in Georgia, in one of the resort towns on the Black Sea coast. He advirtised himself as ‘Photographe Francaise’.

Postupa, Ladislav

A major representative of the post-war Czech avant-garde, Ladislav Postupa is considered a true inheritor of earlier traditions of Czech modernist photography.

Proshyan, Pertch (attributed)

Pertch Proshyan is one of the most significant Armenian writers of 19th century. Born in the village Ashtarak (Armenia), Proshyan became one of the first entrepreneurs to take up photography in Eastern Armenia in 1860. He was sponsored by a … Continue reading

Quines, Mark-Jason

Radochonska, Lucia