Grigoryan, Irina

Irina Grigoryan is one of the many young, self-taught women photographers to have emerged in recent years in Armenia. Unlike the majority of her female compatriots, Grigoryan works exclusively in the category of experimental and art photography. After studying graphic … Continue reading

Gukasov, Tigran

Amateur photographer, most likely based in Tbilisi, Georgia. No biographical information has yet been located.

Gulmez Freres (Studio)

Gultekin, Cizgen

Hadjolian Freres

Hadjolian Freres opened a photographic studio in Varna, Bulgaria sometime towards the end of the 1890s. It is likely that they emigrated to Bulgaria, like many other Armenian photographers of the time from Constantinople after the 1895 massacres. Their studio … Continue reading


This photographer had a studio in Worcester, Massachusetts in the first decade of the 20th century. Most likely an emigrant from the Ottoman Empire he serviced the first waves of Armenian Genocide survivors and immigrants who settled in Worcester during … Continue reading