Avagyan, German

German Avagyan’s work was shaped and marked by the turbulent political, cultural and social times in which he first appeared on the scene as a freelance photographer. Coming from a restless background Continue reading

Avetisov Brothers (Studio)

Avetisyan, Aida

Ayvazov, A.

No biographical details were located. Ayvazov’s (Ayvazian) studio was located in Tiflis, Georgia at the turn of the 20th century.

Babajanyan, Anush

During the six years of her practice, Anush Babajanyan has been dedicated to illuminating social problems overlooked by the mass media, in Armenia. Her projects tend to look at seemingly slight topics, like the ‘unorthodox’ female individuals portrayed in the … Continue reading

Babayan, P. (Studio Rembrandt)

P. Babayan was the sole proprietor of one of Baku’s most popular photographic studios, ‘Rembrandt’. Famous in his time, Babayan was a typical example of a photographer-businessman and his establishment prospered during the oil boom in Baku in the 1900s. … Continue reading